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MC마켓 채널

MC마켓 채널

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작성자 관리자 댓글 0건 조회 811회 작성일 22-11-22 23:09


The block chain world which is etherium making!

In 2022 June, finally the revolution coming in two months!

the results of the ehterium 3.0, Swarm Bzz Projects!

Holding hands in Maxpia ICT which has domestic best blockchain techonology,

MaxValue has accumulated the techonology related swarm bzz mining and prepared the birth of swarm bzz by constucting the infra-structure.

Avoding the coin mining way of POW which represents the bitcoin and etherium, the Swarm Bzz is a new coin that results from the etherium 3.0, the POS way which is adapted to real blochain techonology.

Using the distributed storage platform and contents distributing service, Swarm is a big projects which the 32 elite members of Etherium Foundation has developed already since 2015 year.

The conseqence of ehterium 3.0 which gets involved by the fouder of ehtrium, Vitalic Buterin and the founder of Polkadot, Givin Wood, the senior developer Jeffrey Wickle.

The founder of Etherium Vitalik Buterin went all over the world since 2021,reported the start of ehterium 3.0 and made known the swarm bzz to the world in August, 2021.

In the results of the explosive difficulty coming up on June, the large scale of moving to swarm bzz by Miner cause the tremendous popularity of Swarm Platform.

MaxValue is accumulating the swarm-bzz mining facility and technology around the Maxpia ICT thrird factory, going under construction of the fourth factory for swarm bzz miner on the purpose of ending in May.

Maxpia is the first company of starting mining the bitcoin and the etherium in the country, which consists of the world best level of block-chain developing members and techonology.

In the basis of this, preparing the swarm coin mining, the Max Value has concentrated on the swarm coin mining in the background of the Maxpia mining technology.

MaxValue has installed the domestic business basis in the short period of time since September 2021 and after succesfully launching on Austrailia last month, which is preparing the global advance to Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Czech and Japan.

More than simply buying the coin, the profit of marketing plan by Coin mining machine would be out of all knowledge.

Opportunity does not wait for anybody for long time.

The God of opportunity, Karos is baldy because once we miss an opportunity, it is very difficult to seize it once again. Please seize the opportunity of being the big rich by Swarm-bzz selected by Max Value.

Thank you.


  • 엠씨마켓 / (주)맥스위드코리아
  • 경기도 광주시 도척면 다람로36번길 215-5
  • 사업자등록번호 : 381-81-02298
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