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MC마켓 채널

MC마켓 채널

행사현장 March, News of Max Value

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IPFS File Coin Mining

Currently undergoing construction, the Self Data Center of Maxpia will be built before the end of April

The data center under construction between Plant 2 building 1 and Plant 2 buildling 2 occupy approximately 95 pyeong of floor area and will be used as data center only for about 20 thousand terra-byte of file coin IFPS and Swarm Biz.

Maxpia Block chain Institue consists of the best domestic research worker of Master’s and doctorate degree.

The Maxpia ICT 4th factory occupies about 140 pyeong of floor sqare. It will be operated for Swarm System IFPS and is undergoing construction.

It is predictted that the 4th factory planned for may, will be positioned as the domestic first Swarm biz Mecca.

With this, Max Value is building the Max Village near the Gonjiam Maxpia ICT and is undergoing construction for the residence of Max Value Headquarters and Guest House in early April.

Max Village is the purpose of Max Value business and is the first step of making vision which is achieving the dream, participating in activities together and making the happy world. Totally 3 building of 4th floor is under construction but the Main building and the Guest house building will be occupied in Early April.

The 6 thosound pyeong scale of floor in the back of first moving in builiding, will be under construction for the country houses of Members step by step in the future.

In 2022 year June, watching for the uprising of price of Swarm biz with bated breath, the Max Value has developed the miner of Helium Coin for the first time, working hand in hand with Maxpia, and starts the business of Helium Coin miner.

Helium Coin Manier is a formal of IoT hotSpot Gateway and a subsidiary company of Maxpia, Guardians has developed it by selfish techonology. Guardians already has installed the 50 thousands of Smart lighting pole and is a professional company which has techonology that developed 50 kinds of Iot devices.

In the results of launching the Swarm Biz projects for the big riches and the helium coin for fix profis per every months, the Max Value has built the market place of only Max Value, which is selectable stably and widely. Thank you so much.


  • 엠씨마켓 / (주)맥스위드코리아
  • 경기도 광주시 도척면 다람로36번길 215-5
  • 사업자등록번호 : 381-81-02298
  • TEL : 031-768-2432 / FAX : 031-768-2433
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